Next XXV Commission on Media Policy,

Saturday 7 November 2015, Bucharest, Romania

Commission on Media Policy:

Strengthening the Press under Pressure of War and Repression

18 October 2014 - Skopje

-  November 1992, Alma Ata, Kazakhstan: Television News Coverage of Minorities

-  November 1993, The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia: Changing Economic Relations Arising from Democratization, Privatization, and    New Technologies

-  September 1994, St. Petersburg, Russia: Broadcaster Autonomy and the State

-  October 1995, The Carter Center, Atlanta, Georgia: Pluralism in the Electronic Media: The Role of Technology

-  September 1996, Salzburg, Austria: Principles and Paths for Democratic Media

-  September 1997, Vienna, Austria: Globalization and Public Broadcasting

-  October 1998, Vienna, Austria: Television and Political News.

-  October 1999, Vienna, Austria: Globalization and Political News

-  November 2000, Vienna, Austria: Bridging Old and New Media

-  October 2001, Vienna, Austria: Global Media, Expanding Choices, Fragmenting Audiences: Dilemmas for Democracy

-  October 2002, Vienna, Austria: Crisis and the Press, Balancing Civil Liberty, Press Freedom and Security

-  October 2003, Vienna, Austria: Media Dilemmas: Covering Ethnic and Other Conflict

-  October 2004, Vienna, Austria: Media Coverage of Corruption, Crime, and Economic Development

-  October 2005, Vienna, Austria: Media Regulation, Censorship, and the Potential for Corruption: Practices Protecting or Controlling the    Public

-  October 2006, Vienna, Austria: The News Abroad: Foreign Conflicts, Foreign Publics, & Foreign Coverage

-  October 2007, Vienna, Austria: Time to Change or Stand Fast?

-  November 2008, Vienna, Austria: Covering Resident Immigrants Who Stay in Our Countries

-  October 2009, Vienna, Austria: Standards of Evidence

-  October 2010, Vienna, Austria: News Coverage and Habits of the Mind

-  October 2011, Vienna, Austria: Leaks, Streams and Floods

-  November 2012, Vienna, Austria: Falling Fences: Are There Any Boundaries the Press Must NOt Cross

-  October 2013, Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina: Media Situation in South East and Central Europe

-  October 2014, Skopje, Macedonia (RoM-FYROM): Strengthening the Press under Pressure of War and Repression with Special    Diskussion about  Media Situation in Ukraine.