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NEXT SEEMF: IX South East Europe Media Forum

(SEEMF), Bucharest, 5-7 November 2015

+ Commission on Media Policy

Bucharest, 7 November 2015


Media in South East Europe:

Not enough or too much information?

16-18 October 2014 – Skopje

SEEMF Skopje 2014 Opinion Making in Times of Conflict

SEEMF Skopje 2014 - Press Freedom Panel The Censorship disquised in free countries

Presentation of the CEI SEEMO Investigative Journalism Award

SEEMF, Skopje 2014, Discussion with Minister Nikola Poposki

SEEMF Skopje 2014 Acess to Public Information

SEEMF Skopje 2014 Data journalism, privacy and protection of sources

SEEMF Skopje 2014 Self regulation and standards for quality reporting